Sunday, March 5, 2017

And Then we Left Chad's Party and We Were All Over Each Other LikeMating Mountain Lions in the Back of Sara's Car

Some people go to the gym.  Some people go ride their bikes. Other people go to the Y and do laps in the pool.  We all should be doing something to make sure our bodies are staying at some basic level of functionality.  I walk.

When I walk, I see the pieces of other people’s lives that have been cast off in the bushes.  I have found DVDs buried in the ground as if they had been thrown there most likely from a car.  I assume that because they have been buried deep like ninja stars.  I have found tons of cans of energy drinks that have been cast aside.  My guess from what I have seen is that the American population is about the most energized in the whole wide freakin’ world.

This morning I came upon this tableau.  My only guess is that somewhere there are a hungover pair of college juniors telling two other someones a story about what an awesome (or regret filled) night those late hours of Saturday evening was.

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